Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Take your English rock climbing!

Today the group hiked up the mountain to go rock climbing at Weihar. After practicing our belaying skills yesterday, we were ready to push ourselves on the rock!
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Here’s what Selina thought of the day: “The day was very good because today we were climbing on rock! My favourite part was when I had to climb on the rock with no holds, because then we could slip down. It was a bit difficult when we were at the top and have to come down, because you have to put your legs 90 degrees.”    

“When we came back we have to say in which zone we were in: comfort, challenge or panic zone. “


At the end of the day, we had all been in our challenge zones!

Seniors Mountain Camp

The week was packed with amazing adventures. We started right of with a day of climbing and some free time in Oberstdorf. The next day we hiked up to 1800 m in only two hours, all the boys being very fit and fast hikers. The third day we spent doing high ropes and getting some adrenalin at the infamous Pampers Pole. In between lots of fun and challenging teambuilding activities. We are looking forward to our hike and sleepover at the hut tommorow. Good fun ahead!

DSCN1388 DSCN1422


English camp on the mountain trail

Hello from Kleinwalsertal…

… and a tired senior group!
Yesterday, we hiked from Baad to the Schwarzwasser Hütte, which we reached just before the storm in the afternoon. In the evening we watched the thunder from the cozy living room where we played a bunch of English games. Here’s a couple of messages from the seniors:

“Hi! Yesterday we hiked up a really high mountain. It was difficult, but in the end we all got to the hut alive. That’s why I feel proud, but I felt also intimidated by the sight of those mountains. We took amazing pictures and it was really fun to hike up while singing :-) On the way we also played a fun game where we had to take pictures and describe it to the other group so they could take the same picture as us.”

“Dear mum, today we were in the forest and it was very fun! We walked back from the Black Water Hut for 4 hours and we played cool games on the way, such as hunter. There was no shower at the hut and it was a cold night but it was still cool. We also passed a very very pretty lake”

After some team games and cake back at our house, I think we’re all ready for bed!

Till next time

Team games and climbing at Sprachcamp Mountains II

Hello from the beautiful sunny Allgäu,

It’s been an action-packed start to the week so far, with the Juniors playing team games and taking on Jacob’s Ladder, a 10-metre high ladder in the forest, and the Seniors heading out climbing for the day. Here’s a blog entry, written tonight by our Juniors group.

This is from Lucas:

Today we went to Jacob’s Ladder. But in the morning we played games about teamwork. It was very nice! Then we had lunch outside, and after that we went to Jacob’s Ladder. It was a very hot day, but the ladder was amazing. After that we went back to Würtemmberger Haus. The day was really cool!

And this from Johanna:

The weather was sunny today. Our breakfast was really nice. In the morning we had kitchen duty so we had to set the tables. Then we played lots of team games, before we went to Jacob’s Ladder. It was very fun!

Finally, here’s some words from Vincent H:

I started the day with a big breakfast. After that we played many nice team games. Then we packed our climbing equipment and went to Jacob’s Ladder. The best moment of the day was reaching the top of the ladder!

Here are some photos from the Juniors group today. More to follow later in the week!



Rafting and Archery 2017

Today we spent an exciting day rafting. Everyone worked as a team and went down the river safely. For evening activity we tried out some archery in the forrest. Overall, it was a fun day with lots of challenges.