Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Vertical Seniors

“Climbing was brilliant! It was funny… although hiking was boring… all of the team had fun and laughed a lot. The view of the mountain (from the top of the climb) was very beautiful.”

– Gioia, Eva, Noé and Jakob

I am walking….on sunshine in Sprachcamp Allgäu

Maja and Anouk: Sometimes it was boring (the walking) but the Games were cool. There was a really cute cow. We named her Elisa. The walk was really long but because of the surprises and the murderer game it seemed really short.


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Goodbye rain – Hello Sunshine – unser Englischcamp im Kleinwalsertal

Senior Group does Impro-theatre

Today the wether is horrible but the groups didn’t care much about that. A challenging point of the day was the improvisation workshop, because same of the group members had to come out of their comfort zone and act out a story. It was interesting to explore how much work is behind making a movie. We really enjoyed filming our stories, even though it was difficult.



By Luisa, Kira and Stephanie, Seniors.

Good morning from Mountains 2

We came back from our expedition to Schwarzwasser Hütte yesterday – all very tired and proud of our trip! After playing games and prepping films for today we relaxed with a movie night.


Janina: ” The hike to the hut was really fun, because the boys were singing the whole way. We played a lot of games on the way so the time went fast! The hut was pretty good too. We played a lot of games and we went to sleep in one big sleeping room. On the next morning we had breakfast and started the hike back to Wüttemberger Haus.”

The valley was full of blueberries and strawberries – here is our berry picking team with their purple fingers!!