Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Sprachcamp Allgäu first night shift / first morning

As usual the first night was very eventful. After a “loud” Egg Drop game, the senior team room became a waiting room for problems. Philipp had decided to slip off a stone and cut his knee, Domninik and Fabian thought it was a good idea to play football in the bedroom, resulting in a smashed […]


Sprachcamp Sommer IV – The first day

I´m looking forward to the high ropes course and i´m looking forward to the rock climbing too. But i don´t know how it is to fall from a roof. And i can´t believe to wake up at 7.45 am. Luca A. Tomorrow we go to the high ropes course. I look forward to it. But […]


My week at Sprachcamp…

I arrived Sunday. I didn’t do anything special that day. On Monday we went to climb at the climbing wall, after that we went to a river walk. On Wednesday we went to a High Ropes, it was cool. In the afternoon we made a video project. On wednesday we went to rock climbing at […]


Feeling Cards- Climbing/Expedition. Sprachcamp.

I was very anxious because the rock was very high. On the top I was scared too. I was enthusiastic of the tour to the hut. The nature was very nice. Dominik S  cheap wedding dresses . Kilian and I made a list of the packing. Our tour was Thursday. We walking for 4 hours. […]


Sprachcamp Allgäu: Senior group tells us about the expedition

I had fun with Matthew, he ate so much. The worst thing was the toilets, they smelt so awful. by Leo I was excited about the hut. I was afraid of the washroom and the toilet. by Felix The toilet was bad , it was so stinky, it was terrible. The backpack was  very heavy, […]