Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Summer 4 Week Update

“At the beginning we come in the camp. After that we go in the nature and play English games. Today we made a film!” -Emily “Day one we went on a little hike and played games. Day two we climb at the house rock wall and watch a film. Today we are making a movie […]


Song and Poetry of SprachCamp

Think About Our World All people can love the World, It´s our chance, just don´t give up, Take all the people to the sky, Something we can always try. Let´s enjoy what we have, And take care of the World. It´s something easy we must do, Because it´s good for you. So don´t hate each […]


Magnetic Poetry

The trip was cool but windy, the sky is blue and sunny. We drank milk on the top. Walk, do not stop. Together through summer light. Wisper of winter white. Play splat with me through lifes eternity. -Isa, Nils, Pit, Simon, Lorenz


Climbing with English!

At breakfast we played a funny game.  Then after a half hour bus ride, we were at the goal.  A big rock.  Very big…about 30 meters!  At first, we got a little instruction.  Then we went to the top of the rock.  From there we went absailing down.  Then Mara went to the top of […]


Notizen aus dem Sprachcamp

Wir haben hier bei uns noch ein Buch aus unserem Sprachcamp Sommer 2 gefunden. Hat mir sehr gefallen, deshalb hier ein Auszug: ‘It was a  nice day and we had an ice-cream. We put a blindfold on the eyes and then we walked on the stones.’ (Marc) Auch ein Auszug aus den Erwartungen an das […]