Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Sprachcamp Allgäu – Ostern 2 – The fun begins

Day 1 – Perfect weather and the fun begins At the beginning we got a quizz and at the end of the quiz we can find the easter bunnies. We made funny games after the dinner. We played elephant run for example. Mikka played a game with daysie the devil duck. Day 2 – Blind […]


Friday at Easter 1 English Camp

We hiked to a 500 year old hut. Then we went climbing and built a sculpture on a river. On Friday we built a bridge and like every day we played fun games. By Leon


Thursday at Easter 1 English Camp

We cleaned the kitchen from the hut in the morning, made the beds, and cleaned the compost toilets. We walked at 3:45pm at home. David said that the beds aren`t good. We hiked two hours at home, then we have a shower.


Wednesday at Easter 1 English Camp

Today we were hiking to the Ausserwald hut. There was no hot or clean water but a compost toilet. The hut is 500 years old. Hiking to the hut was cool. By Tom On Wednesday I was at the eye doctor after I ran against the bed on Tuesday. Thursday we filmed „The lost Nutella […]


Tuesday at Easter English Camp 1

We hiked to a private climbing park. In teamwork, we climbed a huge ladder. We also made teamwork to go on top of the pamper pole. We climbed on a tree and there we jumped from it. It was much fun! We played English games, like this: “Before the jump I felt scared, but now […]