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Friday juniors

The view was beautiful again when we came back from the Blackwaterhut to go to the Württemberger Haus. The weather wasn´t good. It rained. When we were there we are going and eat our lunch around 11.30. Than we had 2 hours lunchbreak. After then we went down to the diningroom and had fun. For […]


Thursday juniors

We started at nine o´clock and went to the bus. We went to Baad by bus. We got off the bus and walked to the hut. On the Way we played a Game-the duck race. We made two teams and one group had the ducks. They had to hide the ducks on the way. We […]


Mountains 4 – Die ersten Bilder :-)

Hallo zusammen, nachdem sich IHre Kids bis dato hauptsächlich schriftlich im Blog haben melden können, gibt´s jetzt ein paar Bilder


Seniors were on expedition, juniors did the video project

The expedition was from the Würtemburger House to the ‘Schwarzwasser Hut’. The hike was really good. The beds were a bit small but it was all good fun. The next day, on the way back, we went swimming. When we got back, we relaxed for a while. Markus At first we packed our bags to […]


Sprachcamp Allgäu Day 1 Juniors and seniors

Today we had the introduction for climbing. After that we went with our equipment to the high ropes course. This day was brilliant, because the weather was nice and we had fun. Dorothea, Bettina, Lisa Today we were climbing on a wall. When we arrived at the huge rock, Carsten needed to tell us what […]