Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Mountains II – Wednesday: Singin’ in the rain!

Wednesday. It has been raining all day and yet the Juniors and Seniors managed to get up, pack their bags and leave to go up to the Schwarzwasserhütte. That leaves us, only 12, staying here at the house. Today consisted of the video preparation until lunch and after the filming. We divided the group in […]


Mountains Camp II: Tuesday- The only way is up!

The second full day at Sprachcamp saw both the Junior and Intermediate groups tackle the Jacob’s Ladder – a task that involves a lot of teamwork and English dialogue within the climbing teams. Both groups were up to the challenge though, with most team members successfully reaching the top. Good job campers! Meanwhile the Senior […]


First days at Sprachcamp Allgäu: Sunday we went to a nearby waterfall for a fun cool down and a perfect way to break the ice on the first day. The evening activity was the Marshmallow Challenge where we had to work as a team to make the tallest construction out of spaghetti, string, and tape […]


High Ropes and Toboggans

Today we took a break from the lake. We went to the top of a mountain in the Allgaeu and we went on a high ropes course. We had a lot of fun riding the flying fox and watching our friends try to challenge the climbing courses. After that we rode Germany´s longest toboggan down […]


Mountains I – Sprachcamp Allgäu – Our Really Awesome Story

The seniors have returned and are buzzing to tell their story! ‘Over the last two days we have been hiking up to the Schwarzwasserhütte and sleeping there for one night. Whilst hiking to the hut and back again we played lots of funnz, exciting and interesting team games to improve our English Speaking. At the […]