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Sprachcamp Allgäu Segelcamp Ostsee – Tag 4 auf dem Schiff

Felix ist heute dran mit dem Segel-Tagebuch aus unserem Segelcamp an der Ostsee. Da freut sich sicher unsere treueste Blog-Leserin Frau Thurner “At 745 we woke up and had breakfast. Louis, Delila and Marieke went swimming. The water looked cold as they were all (including Louis) screaming! After that we started sailing. The weather went […]


Oceans 1 Segelcamp – We are sailing :-)

Today it´s Constantin who tells us abou the happenings on the “Princess of Tides”: “We woke up at 0745. First of all I had problems with my contact lenses, but by 0805 I could go to breakfast after Louis came to hurry me up a few times. The breakfast was good and Chris made many […]


Oceans Camp I – Sunshine and rain

Marieke fasst für uns den Dienstag zusammen: “Today is Tuesday and our second sailing day. In the morning we ate breakfast together at 815 and startet the day at 900 with logbooks and a briefing. We played pass the bombwith letters of the alphabet and people´s names. After that we sailed to Sonderborg. The weather […]


Oceans Camp I – Erste Nachrichten von Board!

Per SMS haben wir einen ersten Bericht vom Schiff bekommen. Dalila hat den ersten Segeltag (Montag) zusammengefasst. “Today was our first true sailing day, so we got up at 07.20 a.m. abd had breakfast half an hour later. As I am in the girls group with Marieke we had to do the dishes today. At […]