Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Mountains 2: Jakob´s Ladder

After an amazing night filled with thunder, lightning and running around in the rain we were all excited for the second day of Mountains Camp 2. We woke up early to the sounds of cow bells and got ready for Jakob´s Ladder! We played some team games in the morning to get warmed up before […]


Mountains I – Thursday – English Team Games aren’t Rocket Science…

Hi Everyone, It’s been another great day at sprachcamp; we’ve waved off the seniors for their mountain hike whilst the juniors took part in team games to earn the parts for their bottle rocket. Below are some diary entries from our intrepid young sprachcampers =) Juniors 1 We started on the 9 o’clock our walk […]


Englisch Segelcamp Ostsee – Tag 4

Blog day 4 thanks to Lucas and Sophia: “Today’s morning was special. Two of the boys, Lucas and Julius didn’t get up on time so Jakob (the boats man) woke them up with wet sponges. The punishment was to do all the duties of cooking and washing up for the day. After breakfasts we started […]


Segelcamp News Sprachcamp Allgäu – Day 3

Blog day 3, coutesy of Till and Julius: “Today we had 3 to 4 knots of wind strength- a little bit more than yesterday. We had a lot of fun because there were not so many big waves and nobody had sea sickness. We started in Sonderborg at 930- I was a bit tired as […]


Mountains I Wednesday Blog – “The outfit must be feminine but still dangerous…”

Hey Folks, Today saw more moviemaking from the seniors whilst the juniors took on the Jacob’s Ladder and had a swim (or rather 66 jumps into a waterfall plunge pool). Here’s what they have to say! Juniors 1 We packed our backpacks with bed sheets, food and the rest. Then we went to climb a […]