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Climb when ready!

 Tuesday   We woke up and went to breakfast as usually. At 9:45am we started going to the bus station. After a 45 minutes ride we arrived at the bus station in Jauchen. From there we walked to the climbing rock. We climbed there more than 2 hours. There were 4 ways to climb up […]


Baad News – Good News

Monday At 7 o’clock we were getting up. One hour later we went to breakfast, after that we played a game outside to wake up. After that we went to the seminar room and made a plan for the kitchen helpers. Then we went hiking. When we went on the mountain we played a game: […]


fun in the sun

We had an awesome time at the lake today. We walked from our hostel and found a bridge which took us there. It was sunny and hot but we found a place where we could have shade. The lake was cold but we got used to it. We played some games and learned about the body. […]


Rivers and Lakes Camp – Splashdown!

We had a wonderful first day exploring Alpensee with inflatable boats. Our favourite parts of the day were the team games – ‘Boat basketball‘, a relay race, and even lifting a boat over our heads! The water was crystal clear and refreshing. Sometimes we fell into the lake when we had to swap boats, and […]