Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Summercamp Poetry

This week by Christian & Benedikt On Sunday we arrived We are still alive Then we got to know each other And did that without our mothers On Monday we played games And shouted out our names On Tuesday we did climb Listen to our rhyme On Wednesday we made a movie It did not go […]


Into the Woods

Today all teams at Sprachcamp went to the Flying Fox course in the forest. This was the highlight of the week for loads of us – climbing, jumping, soaring 90m through the trees (up to 15m high!) Alina: My favorite part of the week has been the flying fox park, beacause it was great fun […]


Story dice

To prepare for writing a movie script, today our group wrote stories using story dice: wooden dice with different symbols or characters on them (for example: witch, troll, thunderstorm, castle, princess, hourglass, star,…). Everyone rolled three dice and had to come up with a story that involved the three symbols they displayed. Here are their stories: The […]


We‘re ALL(gäu) having fun!

Hello! We have been having lots of fun on the first few days of camp and have become good friends already. On the first day we completed a series of challenges to defeat the Jabberwocky monster. We had to pass the sea of lava, the snake of the underworld, the shrinking island and the fortress […]


Cooling off in the river and the lake

Monday This morning we get up at 7:30 o’clock and had a delicious breakfast. After that we went to a beautiful river and swam in it. It was really cold but also fun! For tomorrow we had an intro into climbing. There we learn how we wear the climbing stuff. After a short break we […]