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2cond day at camp

Another day at camp. The night was surprisingly quiet and we have really nice groups. They are very popular in the kitchen, helping drying dishes.

The senior’s got to the hut and found their way all right. Still, hiking just isn’t very popular…

Derek’s group – the juniors – really enjoyed climbing today – they didn’t want to come off the wall. They  are getting ready to leave tomorrow. They planned to make spagetti bolognese tomorrow.

Claudia’s group will be filming their movie tomorrow. I am looking forward to another nice movie :-)

5 comments to 2cond day at camp

  • admin

    Klasse, cool!! Freut mich das alles funktioniert.
    Grüße vom Berliner im Allgäu

  • Henri (Assistant Instructor)

    Katrin, the hut was great the group had a fantastic time, the cooking was a success thanks to Elizabeth and her team. The hut was a new experience for many of the group and was enjoyed throughly.

  • Anna R. (participant in Claudia's group

    The day was very nice. After breakfast we played a funny game. Then we walked to the perfect pic-nic place, but our map people walked the wrong way. At 14.00 we were back home. Then it was shopping time!: We bought: stamps, cards….Then we wrote letters. At 15.00 we climbed on the wall. After that we played a game. Then we had dinner.

  • Daniel ( Alina's and Henri's group)

    Henri and Alina had planned a long trip to a 300 years-old hut. First we thought that we must only walk 2 hours but then Henri told us that he had changed the maps to the hut and we must phone each other and ask for the way. Then we arrived and we were eating soon. The trip has taken 4 hours but it was a great adventure.

  • Philipp ( Alina's and Henri's group)

    Today we went to a very old hut. To get there, we had to split in two groups and had to find by mobile phone the hut. It was difficult that both teams had the map of each other. Then we slept and worked there.

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