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5th day at camp

Claudia’s group have just left for the hut and the sun is shining as usual. Their bags are pretty heavy with the food that they are carrying. They are looking forward to it – apart from the toilets there – they are basic toilets and okay but they are always a big concern for the group. After all it is a 400 year old hut… it is definitely an experience.

Derek took his juniors to the rocks to go climbing. They did practice all their climbing command in the High Ropes Course yesterday and they all know how to safety check and do a pinch test.

Alina’s group it trying to get their head round the movie today. And they also had to discuss the night before…nights are not always as quiet as we would like them to be…

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  • Kerstin

    This blog is a wonderful thing, so we get some information about what is going on and there is no need to disturb the children in their groups.
    It sounds like you have a lot of fun and I guess tonight there is a certain chance that it will be more silent.

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