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Another day at Sprachcamp Pfingsten

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Yesterday we jumped off the balcony. This was very enjoyable. Then we did a film project. The movies name was ‘Germany’s next Pirate Queen’ I was a candidate (Captain Longhair) It was so hilarious, Lisa and I laughed all the time. In the evening Lisa, Katrin and I cut the movie. In the movie I was very crazy but the others were crazy too. (Katie)

Yesterday I really enjoyed the film in the evening. My favorite activity was jumping from the balcony. I didn’t like the rain outside. Yesterday Fabian had his birthday and we ate apple strudel. We had a film project. Playing table tennis was hilarious. The week I would still like to go rock climbing!

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Fabian: I really didn’t enjoy that it rained a lot but I loved jumping from the balcony. First I was a little bit scared, but after jumping I was very happy.

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