Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Mountains 3 am Alpsee – Sprachcamp Allgäu Day 1 and Day 2

Ein paar Bilder und Berichte aus dem Camp für die Daheimgebliebenen :-)

At 2 o´clock on Sunday we arrived at “Sprachcamp Allgäu”! We played games together to get to know another. Then we had dinner. After that we went to our rooms. At 10.30 we should sleep.

On Monday Matthew woke us up at 07:15! After breakfast we played games and we learned to climb. In the afternoon we went to the lake. It was very funny :-)

Karen, Sophie and Aileen

In the morning after breakfast we played some games in the forest near the hostel. One Game was called “The hunter”. After we had lunch we got a climbing introduction. This took place at the hostel where we live, too. At 3.30 pm we with our group to the Alpsee to swim. We have done this because it was very hot on this day. At 6 pm we had a great dinner :-)


logbooks ready...even at the lake

logbooks ready...even at the lake :-) :-)

Seniors and the spider´s web

Seniors and the spider´s web

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