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Mountains II – Wednesday: Singin’ in the rain!

Wednesday. It has been raining all day and yet the Juniors and Seniors managed to get up, pack their bags and leave to go up to the Schwarzwasserhütte.

That leaves us, only 12, staying here at the house. Today consisted of the video preparation until lunch and after the filming. We divided the group in two (one with Louis and the other with Chloe) and went off searching for creativity and imagination. We won´t reveal anything until Saturday but the films contain some ducks, a superhero and a robber.

Janina gave this account:

“Today we made a film. I was the bank robber. The bad superman and I ran away from the detectives. It was difficult not to laugh. I hope the film is very nice and funny.”

Fabian wrote:

“I was Master Yoda. It was difficult to learn the sentences off by heart. Louis gave us crips to keep us motivated. The film was really funny.”

Svenja, Sina and Marie on set.

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