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Oceans 1 Segelcamp – We are sailing :-)


Today it´s Constantin who tells us abou the happenings on the “Princess of Tides”:

“We woke up at 0745. First of all I had problems with my contact lenses, but by 0805 I could go to breakfast after Louis came to hurry me up a few times. The breakfast was good and Chris made many delicious pieces of toast for us.

After the breakfast, felix jumped in the water for 10 seconds, at most! He was feeling cold and while Felix dried himself, Chris began sailing. We sailed with a sail because the wind was very good, but we couldn´t understand why all the other boats were driving with their motors – maybe because they were lazy!

In the evening we (the boys) made dinner of spaghetti with tomato sauce, Parmesan and salad. It was a delicious dinner. It was a great day!”

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