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Oceans Camp 2 mit dem Sprachcamp Allgäu

Unser erster Segeltag in unserem Segelcamp Oceans 2 steht an. Das haben die Teilnehmer Björn und Katharina zu sagen:

“Today we got up at 7 am. At 745 three of the boys made breakfast. After eating we got some instructions for getting the boat ready. We left the harbour at 10 am. The wind and eather were nice – sun all day!

We had a lot to do with the boat in order to make it sail properly. At midday we had sandwiches, apples and muesli bars. After lunch the wind was stronger and the waves were higehr.

At 4 pm we were in the harbour, in the small town of Damp. All of the group were happy and first had a shower after arriving. For dinner Louis and the girls cooked up pasta with cheese and ham sauce and salad – it was suprisingly good!

All in all it was a good day.”


1 comment to Oceans Camp 2 mit dem Sprachcamp Allgäu

  • Yvonne Fleischhacker

    Hi Guys!
    Your first day on board sounds very exiting for me. For dinner you had a three course menu ?? 😉
    Still we wish you great days and a good time together.

    Heiko und Yvonne

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