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Oceans Camp I – Erste Nachrichten von Board!

Per SMS haben wir einen ersten Bericht vom Schiff bekommen.

Dalila hat den ersten Segeltag (Montag) zusammengefasst.

“Today was our first true sailing day, so we got up at 07.20 a.m. abd had breakfast half an hour later. As I am in the girls group with Marieke we had to do the dishes today. At 08.45 a.m. we sat together in a group and had a briefinf about our worries and expectations for the trip.

After that we sailed for a long time and the sea was quite wavey. After lunch we played board games until 2 p.m. We arrived at our destination for the day at 4 p.m., which was Flensburg. We went to the city and looked around a lot of book shops as Constantin wanted to buy a new boo (three!). Afterwards we visiited the apparently famous “red street”, which was quite pretty.

Our group went back to the boat and started with dinner preparations. It was a good day!”


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