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Oceans Camp I – Sunshine and rain

Marieke fasst für uns den Dienstag zusammen:

“Today is Tuesday and our second sailing day. In the morning we ate breakfast together at 815 and startet the day at 900 with logbooks and a briefing. We played pass the bombwith letters of the alphabet and people´s names. After that we sailed to Sonderborg.

The weather was not the best – a bit rainy and windy, but there were times when the sun was shining. We walked around the city. Back at the “Princess of Tides” we played “key word bingo” with new vocabulary. From 1600 to 1800 we sailed again and stopped in for the night 10 miles from Sonderborg.

At 1930 we ate dinner. Dalila and In cooked dinner together with Louis, our teacher.

Then we enjoyed the sun outside on the deck. A lovely day.

2 comments to Oceans Camp I – Sunshine and rain

  • Regine Thurner

    We are waiting for the next message from the cruise if you have also gotten much rain as we here in Oldenburg. Luckily you are indeed on the Princess of Tides. We have only a folding kayak and an old optimist as “Noah’s Ark”.

  • kathrin


    The next message is just about to follow.


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