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Climbing in Baad by Lukas E., 10 years old

Climbing was very hard. My fingers said ‘Ouch!’. In my group was Maxi, Nachson, Nils and me. Coming back down was crazy.

At night in the bedroom we steal a Coke. We went to the bathroom and we put sugar on it. That was very funny. After that we had to sleep.

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1 comment to Climbing in Baad by Lukas E., 10 years old

  • Peter & Simone

    Dear Lukas, we are happy to see your nice climbing picture in the morning. Great fitting-out. We feel you have fun – thats good. I am sure you are able to tell us a lot of great experiences you enjoy this week.
    Have a good time, be happy and sleep well!
    We are pleased with you, sincerely
    Johanna & Simone & Peter

    Don´t forget: the task of a bedroom is to sleep….

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