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Segelcamp Oceans I – Day 5 Cinnamon Buns :-)

Mit etwas Verspätung startet der 5.Segeltag unserer ersten Segelwoche vom Sprachcamp Allgäu.

Das sagt Carl-Phillip dazu:

“Today we started with a small shopping trip around Aeroskoping. We went to the bakery and bought cinnamon buns. After breakfast we played a word game. It was really fun because we made some interesting stories. We set off from the harbour in good time because we had 7 hours of sailing to do. We looked for a place to anchor and luckily found somewhere! After that we started a tour in the dinghy to the coast and back. The best thing of the day was the good weather because it didn´t rain and we even had a little bit of sun. A very nice day!”

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