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Sprachcamp Allgäu first night shift / first morning

As usual the first night was very eventful. After a “loud” Egg Drop game, the senior team room became a waiting room for problems. Philipp had decided to slip off a stone and cut his knee, Domninik and Fabian thought it was a good idea to play football in the bedroom, resulting in a smashed light and Fabio and Flo thought it would be funny to lock Maxi and Valentin out of the bedrooms….

All in all a typical first night for the duty trainer…. and a tiring night for the kids so we played a game with the skipping rope to wake everybody up this morning!

1 comment to Sprachcamp Allgäu first night shift / first morning

  • Bernd W.

    Well, hope that the juniors performed less eventful that night… at least Vince makes a quite funny face…

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