Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Sprachcamp Allgäu Herbst II – the second day

Yesterday evening we watched a movie called “high school musical 2” –  in English! Everbody was very tiree and we went to bed at 10.30 pm.

Today we had breakfast at 8.15 am. Then we had a introduction about the climbing wall and the equipment. As we were on the climbing wall, we were sometimes scared because it was high and difficult. We had a good lunchat 1.00 pm. After that we played some funny games and outside the snow was falling. In the next two days we won´t write the blog , because we are on the hut and will have much fun. Goodbye 😉

the groupMelida, Sophia, Sarah

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