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Sprachcamp Allgäu: Middle group, first three days

First day:

We arrived at the English camp. Then we played some games. Later  we sat in our rooms. In the evening we went for a walk. Lastly we went to sleep.

by Aileen

On Sunday we came to the Camp . Then we played some games. After this we went walking .

by Rafael

Second day:

We got up early at 7.30 so I was a bit tired. We  had to pack a lunch, because we went up in the mountains to an old hut. We arrived there in the afternoon. The hut is very old, so there is no drinking water or light. But we had very much fun, because we had a pillow fight.

by Marius

Today we walked to a hut, where we first had a pillow fight. That was fun. While we did that, some people cooked dinner for the group. We had Spaghetti Bolognese and it tasted very good. After eating we carried on with the pillow fight. In the evening there was a big storm.

by Thiemo

Third day:

In the morning it was raining so we couldn’t leave the hut. We cleaned the hut and some people were writing some advice in the guestbook. When the rain stopped, we hiked back to “Unterwestegg”, then we went by bus to Riezlern, where we went shopping. Then we went by bus to the youth hostel. Then we played a game outside.

by Philip

At 8:22 we got up and made breakfast. After this we packed our things and left the hut. The way to the bus station was not very long, only one hour, that was very good because everything hurt. In the town “Riezlern” we went shopping and bought some sweets and other things in the supermarket. The bus came soon after we met. At last, 20 minutes later we were in Baad. In the youth hostel we first took a shower and then we played games in the garden.

by Juliane

3 comments to Sprachcamp Allgäu: Middle group, first three days

  • Wow!
    Just found the comment of Thiemo and friends.

    Now I’m sure: he is still alive!!

    Best Regards

  • Frank

    Hi Marius et al.,

    sounds like an exciting hike and a lot of fun. Hoping that the pillows survived your fights 😉
    We are very curious seeing more of such exciting blogs!
    Have a pleasant time and sun!
    M & F

  • Ike

    Hi Pascal,Thiemo, Marius, Philip, Bene and Benni!
    We are so surprised to have found comments of the boy group from Germering. It’s really great, thanks!
    We are looking forward to get further messages.
    Enjoy your time and have much fun!!!
    See you, Ike + Peter

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