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Sprachcamp Allgäu: Middle group, Wednesday

Today we got up at ten to eight so we had to hurry up to come to breakfast.

After breakfast we went to the high ropes course, which was very big fun.

At lunchtime we had a picnic on the grass in front of the house.

Then we played some games in our classroom.

Pascal, 13

Today we went to the high ropes course. we were climbing very high. After that we had a picnic outside. Then we had a one-hour break. After that we met in our room and played games.

Lena, 12

2 comments to Sprachcamp Allgäu: Middle group, Wednesday

  • Helmut

    Hi Bene,

    Trust you are also still alive!
    Did you find your way to the hut?


  • Andrea und Peter

    Hello Benjamin, hello boys and girls,

    thank you for your interesting blogs. We hope, that you have today a sunny day with much fun!

    Many hearty regards from

    Andrea and Peter

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