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Sprachcamp Allgäu: Senior group tells us about the expedition

I had fun with Matthew, he ate so much. The worst thing was the toilets, they smelt so awful.

by Leo

I was excited about the hut. I was afraid of the washroom and the toilet.

by Felix

The toilet was bad , it was so stinky, it was terrible. The backpack was  very heavy, I carried butter and cheese.

by Flo

In the morning I felt a little bit tired. In the night it was cold because the window was open.

by Marina

It made me laugh when Leo made manic sounds with his bottom. I was encouraged when Peter went to the toilet first.

by Leon

I’ve been challenged by the toilets. There was a good view of the mountains

by Marco

I was satis fied when we arrived at the hut. I was proud when everyone liked the food.

by Peter

I didn’t enjoy washing the toilet because it smelt. I was a little bit tired after the hike because my backpack was so heavy.

by Laura

In the morning I felt exhausted. In the morning I was a little bit cold because the window was open the whole night.

by Kathi

It was fun at the hut because we did a lot of different things there. Leo’s and Peter’s farts were so bad that I thought I must die.

by Lucas

Typed by Kathi, Laura and Marina

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