Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Sprachcamp Expedition…

In the photo rally we made photos of the tree stump and mushrooms. In a dead end behind a fence we focused on a stone. Many people fell over the roots. We took a picture of a branch. At a junction we walked on the right side. On the mountain we saw a nice view. Then we came to where the path split, we took a shortcut and came to the Schwarzwasserhütte.

Tom H.

After the fence there was a very big stone, which was lying on the ground so we couldn’t go on this path anymore. We turned around and came to a junction and turned left. Quickly we noticed that the way was a dead end. On the branch of the tree stump was a big mushroom. We focused on it. We noticed that the dead end wasn’t so bad because the view was wonderful and we noticed a hortcut that went back to our hut. But the path was full of roots.


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