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Sprachcamp Sommer IV – The first day

I´m looking forward to the high ropes course and i´m looking forward to the rock climbing too. But i don´t know how it is to fall from a roof. And i can´t believe to wake up at 7.45 am.

Luca A.

Tomorrow we go to the high ropes course. I look forward to it. But on thursday we´ll go rock climbing and that would be quite difficult and i´m a little scared of it. On tuesday we´ll make a photo rally and an overnight expedition. That would be funny. Roof Pitch Jump on friday, that would be funny , too.

Svenja S.

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  • Andrea B.

    Hi Peter,
    Hope you had a good first day and you’re enjoying the camp. Why did you try to call me this evening? Is your mobile not working anymore?

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