Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Sprachcamp. The Trusting Walk.

Senior Group. Derek and Rachel.

It was very difficult to guide my partner because I was afraid that she could fall down and hurt her. I was frightened of falling down and hurting myself. It was very hard to walk because you can’t see anything so that you hit stones or slip.

Dominik. M

We had a partner. One of us had to wear a blind fold so we couldn’t see anything. Our partner has to guide us over stones and wood, next to us is the river. It was very difficult. First I was scared and it was difficult to trust my partner, but after a while it was a little bit easier. Otherwise, the whole time you don’t know where you are and where to go. I was scared I could slip. My partner held me when I was falling. After a time I could put the blind fold over my head and could see where I was and where to go now. But then I must guide my partner. This was difficult, too.

Sandra. M

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  • kleinofen

    Hello it is nice for the children to observe their activities. Thus strengthen their team spirit, have fun and still learn the English language.
    Many greetings from dortmund by parents from lukas and alexander.

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