Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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Schatzsuche im Wald

“In the morning we speak in the Heiner-Volker room about the things that happened. After that, we go out with the walkie talkies, hid small plastic animals. We also go in the forest and this was very beautiful. After dinner we play a dancing game. Before dinner we building shelters. It was a beautiful day.” -Lukas

Klettern am Felsen

Juniors Day 2

“Today was another hard day. It was very funny because we were playing games and climbed too. But today not on the tree, on the mountain. One way to the top of the mountan was a easy route, the other one was a bit harder. The start was very hard, but it’ll be easier. At the end we all were tired and lazy. But at the evening it gave Pizza for dinner. That was very delicious. It was a very great day” -Nina

Klettern auf Englisch

Gruppe Svea und Dan, Seniors Day 3


Sprachcamp Ostern 2018 Unterjoch – Day 1 Juniors

Juniors_Monday 1 Juniors_Monday 2

“Today was a really exciting day. We went climbing and had lots of fun. We climbed up a tree over 8 meters- of course with a rope :) The weather was great- there was lots of snow and great sunshine the hole day. It was fantastic” Jasmin Frenkel

Sprachcamp Ostern 2018 Oberjoch – Day 1 Seniors

“Today we climbed on a big tree and had a lot of fun. Here is a lot of snow and on the way to the tree we had a lot of fun.” Maximillian and David

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