Sprachreise als Klassenfahrt: Eine etwas andere Klassenfahrt - auf Englisch.
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High Ropes, storms and the Sprachcamp Olympics

Today we were climbing in the high ropes course – it was very nice!IMG_4895



While we were climbing a storm began – so we went inside and made an eating circle :-)


In the evening we had the Sprachcamp Olympics. We made very funny sculptures where we need four feet and three hands. It was very fun!

– Jana and Madeleine

Rock climbing with Sprachcamp Allgäu

The junior group started camp with an exciting trip to the local crags. For most of them it was the first time rock climbing, and everyone got to the top – some even challenged them selves on the harder routes!

“The 3 and 4 (climbing grades) were easy, but the 6 was difficult! The climbing day was one of the best days and so COOL.”


“Climbing was a lot of fun, but also a challenge to myself.”


“The climbing was very fantastic, because it was so fun and I’m really happy that I got the six!” IMG_4601

This is how happy you look when you climb a 6 on your first day rock climbing outside!



Tree Climbing at Sprachcamp Allgäu

Hello from Allgäu! Today was the first full day of camp and we have been enjoying the sun and playing in the rain! The seniors would like to share their day:

“In the morning, we played some team tasks. It was really nice because we got to know each other much better” (Carina)


“We climbed on a tree which was named ‘Leo’. On the top there was a wonderful view” (Lena)

“While we waited we played some games and ate our lunch” (Kathrina)


“When it starts to rain we made a team task with water. Afterwards everyone was wet and we walked through the river” (Valentina)


See you soon :)

Tree Climbing at Sprachcamp Allgäu

Here is one more picture from our team activities on the first day.Teamchallenge

Unser Englischcamp Team für Pfingsten

Hallo zusammen. Die meisten haben unser Team ja schon persönlich bei der Anreise getroffen, hier noch mal ein Foto von uns.

Gestern Abend haben wir schon auf südafrikanisch mit Darren gebouldert und es gab ein Schottisch-dänisches Tischtennis Turnier. That was fun! Die nächsten Bloggs von den Teilnehmern selber kommen dann spätestens morgen.


Bis dann, take care

KatrinSprachcamp Englisch Team